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Lions Gift of Sight would like to take a moment to provide a quick update during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Lions Gift of Sight remains open. Staff, who are able, are telecommuting, and we will meet the transplant needs of our corneal surgeons and their patients. Because many surgeries have been deferred, the demand for eye tissue has decreased, and we are adjusting accordingly. To preserve supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (masks, gowns, etc.), we are temporarily suspending eye tissue recovery for research except when directly related to COVID-19 studies.

Lions Gift of Sight has always held the safety of donor eye tissue at a premium, as well as with the safety of the staff who are on the front lines recovering that tissue from our generous donors. This has not changed in the current pandemic climate. Out of concern for all, we have postponed our annual Donor Family Recognition Program (originally scheduled for May 17, 2020) until October 25 (circumstances permitting). We remain grateful in our hearts to our eye and cornea donors and their families.

Lions Gift of Sight is tremendously fortunate and proud to be part of the University of Minnesota and the U of M Medical School. Our University faculty and staff, including physicians, medical personnel, and scientists, are an exemplary illustration of public service at its very best. Healthcare workers everywhere are to be commended and appreciated.

Thank you for your support during this ever-evolving environment. Please take care of yourselves, be kind to others, and make a difference.