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Surgeons & Ophthalmologists

If you would like to work with Lions Gift of Sight, we can help you receive eye tissue.

Lions Gift of Sight offers a wide selection of human donor eye tissue for transplant purposes. Tissue is high-quality and service is exceptional. We will supply eye tissue to accredited surgeons in Minnesota, as well as throughout the United States and in other countries, when available.

Ordering Eye Tissue

If you have not worked with Lions Gift of Sight before, please contact Natalie Buckman.

We strongly encourage advanced scheduling for all tissue. Early scheduling is especially important for endothelial tissue requests as the demand for pre-cut tissue is high nationwide. Scheduling pre-cut tissue for use on Thursdays or Fridays provides an advantage in processing orders.

You may schedule patients for cornea or sclera eye tissue by downloading and returning our Tissue Request Form or by contacting:

Lions Gift of Sight Distribution Coordinator
Direct Line: 612-624-0433
Fax: 612-626-1192
Email: [email protected]

Eye Tissue Available

  • Whole cornea suitable for PK / ALK / Kpro
  • Whole cornea suitable for KLAL
  • Cornea processed for DSAEK: Nanothin (≤50µm) * through standard thickness
  • Cornea processed for DMEK: MNSert preloaded or standard
  • Sclera (whole, half or quarter globe)
  • Ex Vivo Cultured Limbal Stem Cells (research)

* Developed at Lions Gift of Sight. See article published in CORNEA.

Custom Preparation

Lions Gift of Sight works with surgeons to meet your preferences related to donor characteristics as well as tissue processing. We provide options for:

  • “S” stamp orientation marking on DSAEK and DMEK grafts
  • DSAEK trephine indication marks as 3:00 / 6:00 / 9:00 / 12:00 or a center dot
  • Trephination of DMEK graft to surgeon preference
  • Pre-hinged and trephined DMEK grafts
  • MNSert™ DMEK  grafts preloaded in a Straiko or LEITR modified Jones tube

Quality Assurance

Lions Gift of Sight ensures that transplantable tissue from a donor meets or exceeds all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA) screening criteria. We have continually earned three-year accreditation by the EBAA and are fully registered with the FDA. Visit our Credentials page to view accreditations and licenses.

Adverse Tissue Reactions

To report adverse tissue reactions, please promptly contact:

Wallis Brooks, Quality Systems Manager
Direct Line: 612-624-0971
Fax: 612-625-4295
Email: [email protected]

Surgeon Feedback

We welcome feedback about our services. To comment, please contact:

Natalie Buckman, Surgeon Relations and Business Development Professional
Direct Line: 612-624-0178
Fax: 612-625-4295
Email: [email protected]